Protect yourself and your pet with pet insurance.

Many people never consider pet insurance for their animals when in fact it can be one of the best forms of protection against disease or accident. Most people consider their pets to be an important part of the family and that is what has led to the availability of pet insurance.

While doctor’s bills can be staggering, many people are choosing pet insurance for several good reasons. Just like humans, pets can get very sick or have an accident. Many good insurance policies cover a variety of treatments to restore your pet’s health.

Most people think that pet insurance is expensive when in fact it is not. Plans can range from a minimum of $ 10 / month to $ 40 / month depending on the animal to be insured and the coverage range. Unlike other forms of insurance, deductions are quite small, often ranging from $ 50 to $ 100 per claim. For older pets, the premium and deduction may be a bit higher. Items that are not covered include regular check-ups and immunizations or shots.

Your doctor often has complete information about the insurance policies available. You can also buy pet insurance online from many of the best companies. Exotic pet insurance is more expensive than dog or cat insurance for obvious reasons. Be sure to apply for a discount if you are insuring more than one pet. Most companies offer volume discounts that can offer up to 15% off on insuring more than one animal.

Unlike human health insurance, some companies will not insure animals that already have a health condition. Hereditary conditions may not be eligible for insurance coverage. Your doctor will likely be able to tell you if your pet is eligible for insurance.

Like other forms of insurance, pet insurance is available in various plans. These include limited financial coverage which provides a fixed annual dollar coverage. Once you have paid that dollar amount, your doctor’s bills will not be covered.

Time-specific coverage will allow you to claim a medical condition for a specific period. Once the period expires, you will not be affected by this plan. Lifetime pet insurance coverage will take care of your pet for a lifetime but often has an annual limit. Be sure to check your pet insurance today.

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